Banner - Seawall Repair Network Featured on Alaska Business Spotlight

Seawall Repair Network Featured on Alaska Business Spotlight

Body - Seawall Repair Network Featured on Alaska Business SpotlightSeawall Repair Network’s National Program Manager Ken Braunlich and member contractor Winston Gilles of Ace Dragon were recently interviewed on Alaska Business spotlight. Read the transcript below and/or watch the video clip!

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Ken Braunlich: Alchemy-Spetec is the parent company of the Seawall Repair Network. Alchemy-Spetec, for about a decade now, has really committed to being a leader in the realm of manufacturing polymers and resins that are safe for the environment.

Winston Gillies: We are the only Seawall Repair Network member contractor in the state of Alaska. We have sole rights to their products in this state. We’ve been looking at going to villages where we have to put our equipment in a small plane, a door is four by four. The beauty of this equipment I can use with these repair methods is that we can get in that door.

Ken: The process of treating the soil involves using, for the most part, half-inch in diameter rods, usually steel rods. We’re able to either manually or with the use of a hammer drill and drive rod adapter rapidly advance downward vertically these injection rods. And then we utilize a process called upward staging of the chemical, in which we release and introduce this material into the soil.

Winston: Our area of coverage is the entire state of Alaska. Anyone who needs help and we can make it financially feasible, we’ll be there. Visit our website Our phone number is 907-398-6247. We’ll be happy to talk to you and see if we can resolve your issue.

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