Repairing a Sheet Pile Seawall in Great Neck Long Island

Repairing a Sheet Pile Seawall in Great Neck Long Island

Repairing a Sheet Pile Seawall in Great Neck Long IslandAn engineer contacted Seawall Repair Network contractor LJS Waterproofing regarding a 260 linear foot sheet pile seawall with severely corroded steel. Obvious loss of soil and voids were noted.

Repair Materials

LJS used SW-RP1 seawall repair material on this job. SW-RP1 transforms the surrounding soil of your seawall into a water-tight impermeable mass, which blocks the transference of energy and lateral stress caused by the typical build-up of hydrostatic pressure behind the seawall.SW-RP1 is environmentally safe and is certified to NSF (61-5) standards for contact with drinking water.


Voids were filled with dirt, rock, and sand before LJS Waterproofing, using the Seawall Repair Network proprietary installation process, drove pipes down every 5’ along the steel seawall. Using upward staging, LJS injected 10 gallons of SW-RP1 seawall repair material per pipe.

LJS Waterproofing, using grinders, removed barnacles, marine life, and metal corrosion. Pressure release valve holes were drilled using magnetic drill presses after which the first coat of primer was applied to prevent future rusting. A final coat of primer was then applied and the pressure release valves were installed.


The voids around the seawall were filled, the leaks were sealed, the metal seawall surface was restored, and the pressure release system was successfully installed. After an efficient and thorough restoration job, the sheet pile seawall was once again functioning at full capacity.

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