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Seawall Repair Network® is the only national, all-inclusive seawall repair and preservation network. We are a division of Alchatek, the industry leader in seawall, leak seal, and ground engineering solutions.

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Has your seawall been damaged by natural forces?

The ONLY Nationwide Network of Seawall
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Repairing Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Seawalls & Bulkheads

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Ensuring environmental safety is mission-critical. That’s why SW-RP1 high-strength repair material has the official NSF seal of approval for contact with drinking water.

Strong and Durable

Once SW-RP1 permeates the soil and cures, it forms a mass that is stronger than bedrock and lasts for a lifetime.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

These advanced rehab methods and materials require minimal equipment and minimal disruption of property. Most repairs can be completed in a day.


“Our Sewall Repair Network contractor, Coordinated Systems Consulting, did a wonderful job repairing our seawall on Channel Lake!  They were very professional and the process was amazing.  There was no damage to our yard, it only took 1 day, and the price was a lot less than the price of traditional removal and replacement!”

Julie – Homeowner in Antioch, Illinois

“We hunted around for a long time to find a company ready to help with our seawall. Closest we could come was someone to rebuild our seawall but we’d lose two feet of lake and the destruction of our yard. (Seawall Repair Network® contractor) Foremost Foundations showed up in one day and stabilized our seawall. They were professional, timely, and very interested in making sure we understood everything that was going to occur. There was no invasive property destruction and they left things as they were when they arrived.”

Dirk – Homeowner in Shreveport, Louisiana

“I am getting pavers in my backyard along the canal and I want them to stay in place because I noticed a lot of soil erosion by the seawall. Stable Soils of Florida (a Seawall Repair Network® contractor) injected the repair material and redid the vents on my seawall. I feel much more secure about the foundation of my backyard and the integrity of my seawall should a hurricane hit. Trevor was great about the inspection/bid and as you can see by my pictures, Anthony and Tommy were so nice to my curious dogs. They were on time, professional, and very nice to my neighbors who came to ask 50 questions about the project.”

Christine – Homeowner in Fort Myers, Florida



We are a division of Alchatek.

Based in Atlanta, GA.

Body - Repairing Storm Damaged Seawalls

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