The Solution to Your Seawall Damage

Whether you are a homeowner, industrial/commercial property manager,
condo/homeowner association manager, or a or real estate agent...we can help!

Consequences of Sewall Neglect

Before Failure - Warning Signs Ignored

Property owners should immediately take action once indications of soil instability around the seawall become apparent. In the example above, the cracks in the concrete slab behind the seawall indicate an issue with the soil. Unfortunately, this property owner ignored the problem.

After Failure - Catastrophic Property Damage

This devastating event was completely preventable. The backfill soil behind the seawall that held the house in place was leaking into the water on the other side. The homeowner decided to delay the repair. Three weeks later the seawall, patio, and part of the house collapsed.

3-Step Property Preservation Plan

1. Contact an Expert

2. Get a Detailed Repair Plan

3. Relax While We Save Your Seawall

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