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What Happens If You Wait Too Long to Repair Your Seawall?

Body - Wait Too Long to Repair SeawallLocated along the Texas Gulf Coast, Corpus Christie is well known for its boating, fishing, beautiful coastlines, local seafood, and all the best Texas hospitality. Unfortunately, from time to time, this coastal oasis is hit with major hurricanes and tropical storms. These occasional severe acts of nature often cause major structural damage to the area’s waterfront land retention systems (i.e., seawalls, bulkheads, and revetments).

For these very reasons, an organization owning a seawall in Corpus Christie recently sought the assistance of Seawall Repair Network. A member contractor performed a complete and thorough assessment. It was determined that previous remediation efforts (i.e., pumping concrete, slurry, and hydraulic cement behind the seawall) were insufficient to properly stabilize and preserve this waterfront structure.

Unfortunately, this structure sustained serious damage from Hurricane Hanna in 2020 (during which Corpus Christie in general suffered the loss of lives and over 1.3 billion dollars in property damage). This particular seawall (pictured in this blog post) was also a casualty and unfortunately had to be replaced instead of repaired. Replacement is generally a lot more costly than repair. The time to repair and strengthen your seawall is NOW, before the next major storm.

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