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Homeowner Association Seawall Repair in Palm City, Florida

Body - Homeowner Association Seawall RepairVery recently, a large homeowner association in Palm City, Florida contacted Seawall Repair Network regarding their 30-year battle with water damage to their 1.5 miles of seawall and canal shoreline. The association representative (a geologist and architect) has invested many years into saving the association’s seawall from failure.  The association has attempted repairs with cementitious flow, concrete bags, hydraulic cement, new cement footing, new filter fabric, etc.  None of those repair methods provided a durable solution, and the destabilization of their waterfront protection system only became worse.

After a few meetings with Seawall Repair Network’s tech services director Colt Hullander, the homeowner association decided to proceed with our proprietary seawall and bulkhead repair process. The Seawall Repair network member contractor in Palm City, Florida is Ram Jack Southeast. Tony Brown (the Ram Jack Southeast Project Manager) provided personal oversight for this very large project. The initial phase of the project was completed on time and within the project budget.

Upon completion, the homeowner association representative provided the following testimonial:  “Your responsiveness and knowledge of the physics behind the treatment have been very helpful for us. It was reassuring to have someone with your experience and knowledge of the injection repair process working on this project.”

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