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Managing property with a seawall requires a specific understanding of waterfront barriers and how they work. It’s important to know how to spot any signs of structural decay.  Let’s review this excerpt from our blog post Four Critical Warning Signs of Seawall Failure.:

Soil Depressions Near the Seawall

Soil depressions appear due to the loss of soil near the structure. Water is seeping through or underneath the seawall, weakening the structure and contributing to soil erosion. Strong surrounding soil is critical to a healthy seawall.

Rust Stains on the Surface

Rust stains are a sign of corroded rebar inside the concrete. Corroded rebar expands, cracking and destabilizing the structure.

Movement or Shifting of the Seawall

Hydrostatic pressure and/or lack of supporting soil around the structure can cause sections of the wall to move or shift over time.

Cracks in the Concrete

Cracks in the concrete can be caused by spalling due to rebar corrosion, or movement due to hydrostatic pressure and unstable soil.

Protect Your Seawall, Protect Your Waterfront Property

When a seawall is failing, the property it was constructed to protect is at risk. As a waterfront property manager, you now have a one-stop-shop seawall repair solution!

The Seawall Repair Network® 3-Step Property Preservation Plan

  1. Contact an Expert
    Fill out the contact form or call 888-834-4926.
  2. Get a Detailed Repair Plan
    A preferred marine contractor will schedule an evaluation.
  3. Relax While We Save Your Seawall
    Get back to your other priorities while we repair the seawall.

Managing property is challenging enough without having to deal with a failing seawall. Let us take that part off your plate, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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