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Does Your Dysfunctional Seawall Need an Intervention?

Body - Does Your Seawall Need an InterventionSeawall Damage Symptoms and Solutions

Has your seawall become unstable over time? When supporting soil on the landward side begins to erode, your once-reliable waterfront barrier may begin to show indications of dysfunction and distress. Watch for these signs of seawall failure:

  • Soil Depressions Near the Seawall
  • Rust Stains on the Surface
  • Movement or Shifting of the Seawall
  • Cracks in the Concrete

Fortunately, supporting soil can be stabilized, cracks and leaks can be sealed, and the damage repaired in most cases. Seawall Repair Network® contractors trained in proprietary stabilization and preservation methods are standing by to provide you with a free estimate for a professional intervention!

Watch the Dysfunctional Seawall four-part mini-series below!

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Your Seawall May Need an Intervention

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