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Miles of Ageing Seawalls

Body - Miles of Ageing Seawalls“Often 20 feet tall or higher, these concrete behemoths are constructed to withstand the sustained assault of incoming waves and storm surges. Seawalls currently line 14 percent, or nearly 15,000 miles, of the United States coastline—a number that’s expected to grow in the coming decades as the sea level rises.”

There are thousands of miles of seawalls in use that were constructed in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Over time, changes to these structures result in weakening structural integrity. Upon noticing any of the four critical warning signs of seawall failure, property owners must decide whether to enlist the assistance of a qualified seawall repair contractor or to delay action and risk failure and the high cost of replacement. Seawall Repair Network offers the most effective seawall stabilization and seawall preservation repair methods.

Seawall Repair Network® preferred marine contractors are carefully selected for their experience, integrity, reputation, and customer service record. Each contractor has been thoroughly trained in Seawall Repair Network® product and solution application methods. Seawall Repair Network® is the only national, all-inclusive seawall repair and preservation network.

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