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The SRN Seawall Anchoring System

Body - Seawall Anchoring SystemThe seawall anchoring system installed by Seawall Repair Network® contractors features helical tiebacks that lock the wall into solid load-bearing soil on the landward side. Helical tiebacks are a type of deep foundation system that uses helical-shaped plates welded to a steel shaft to anchor a seawall in place. They are installed using rotary drilling equipment that generates torque to rotate the lead helical pile and its attached piles deep into the ground.

When is a Seawall Anchoring System Required?

When a seawall experiences significant overturning or kick-out, or panel separation from the original flush panel installation, we recommend retrofitting the seawall with this anchoring system. These anchors provide a cost-effective and safe solution for stabilizing seawalls and preventing further damage.

How is a Seawall Anchoring System Installed?

The preferred method for installing helical tiebacks is to load an excavator and hydraulic drive-head onto a marine barge, which transports the heavy equipment to the job site. This allows for quick and efficient installation of the anchors from the waterward side of the seawall, minimizing the destruction of property and safety risks associated with operating heavy equipment from behind the seawall.

Do All Seawalls Require an Anchoring System?

While helical tieback anchors are an effective solution for stabilizing seawalls, it is important to note that most seawalls do not require them. Proper maintenance and regular inspections can help identify potential issues early on and prevent the need for more extensive repairs. Seawall Repair Network®’s team of professionals is trained to assess conditions and provide recommendations for the most appropriate repair solutions.

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