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SW-RP1 – Rock Solid Seawall Repair Material

Solid Seawall Repair - Repairing a Seawall - Bulkhead SealerRock Solid Seawall Repair

In the blog post What is SW-RP1? Why Do You Need It for Seawall & Bulkhead Repair?, we posted the following info about SW-RP1…

The hallmark of the Seawall Repair Network is our proprietary SW-RP1 repair permeation solution. Simply put – it is the best product on the market for seawall soil stabilization.

  • SW-RP1 is essential for sealing your seawall’s panel cracks, filling voids and defects behind your seawall, and perhaps most importantly, proving soil stabilization for your seawall.
  • SW-RP1 transforms the surrounding soil of your seawall into a water-tight impermeable mass, which blocks the transference of energy and lateral stress caused by the typical build-up of hydrostatic pressure behind the seawall.
  • SW-RP1 is environmentally safe and is certified to NSF (61-5) standards for contact with drinking water.

Repairing a Seawall with High-Strength Material

One detail that cannot be emphasized enough, however, is the strength of the material. Once SW-RP1 cures, it is stronger than crystalline bedrock. Watch the brief video below for demonstrations of the injection process and the strength of SW-RP1 in cured form.

See SW-RP1 Bulkhead Sealer in Action

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