Banner - Stabilizing and Preserving a Lakehouse Seawall in Michigan

Stabilizing and Preserving a Lakehouse Seawall in Michigan

Body - Stabilizing and Preserving a Lakehouse Seawall in MichiganSRN member-contractor Bluebird CFW of Michigan was recently called to assess a residential lakeside steel sheet pile seawall. The homeowner noticed that the seawall was beginning to lean slightly, and the soil around the base of the wall was washing away. Concerned about the stability of the seawall and the potential for property loss, the homeowner contacted Troy and his team for help.

Repair Materials

Bluebird CFW used SW-RP1 seawall repair material on this job. SW-RP1 transforms the surrounding soil of your seawall into a water-tight impermeable mass, which blocks the transference of energy and lateral stress caused by the typical build-up of hydrostatic pressure behind the seawall. SW-RP1 is environmentally safe and is certified to NSF (61-5) standards for contact with drinking water.


Upon arriving at the site, Troy began to assess the situation. They examined the seawall and the surrounding soil, looking for signs of instability or erosion. They also performed soil probing tests to determine the cause of the problem. After completing their assessment, Troy and his team determined that the seawall was experiencing soil loss due to a combination of factors, including the presence of underground water and the weight of the soil on the seawall. To stabilize the seawall and prevent further soil migration, they decided to utilize the Seawall Repair Network’s SW-RP1 installation method, which involves the creation of dewatering channels to remove excess water from the soil. Over the course of several days, Troy and his team worked to stabilize the seawall and prevent further soil migration. They monitored the dewatering channels closely, adjusting the flow of water as needed to maintain the stability of the seawall.


In the end, their efforts were successful. The seawall was stabilized, and the risk of further soil loss was significantly reduced. The homeowner was grateful for Troy and his team’s quick action and expertise and was relieved to have the stability of the seawall restored.

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