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Shoreline Protection with Curtain Grouting

Body - Shoreline Protection with Curtain GroutingWaterfront property can be expensive to own and maintain. If you own a property on an open waterfront, you are likely dealing with the forces of nature eroding away at your land and the unreasonable complexity that comes with finding a trustworthy party to inspect and preserve your investment.

We know searching for waterfront preservation solutions can be extremely difficult to begin, and often seems to require a costly construction commitment. Our team has spoken with open waterfront property owners of all kinds, and the stress is undeniable regardless of their background. Our goal is to mitigate the stress and uncertainty that comes with protecting your shoreline against erosion and instability. Seawall Repair Network is the only nationwide network of shoreline preservation professionals offering innovative and cost-effective solutions to protect open coastal, lake, and riverfront properties where shoreline preservation is critical and a waterfront barrier is not existent.

Is Waterfront Barrier Construction Critical?

Protecting your shoreline with the construction of a waterfront barrier structure such as a seawall, bulkhead, and/or revetment is one option, but not the only option. Seawall Repair Network professionals are capable of injecting subgrade “seawalls” beneath the shoreline by permeating the soil with environmentally safe curtain grouting material SW-RP6.

Shoreline Curtain Grouting with SW-RP6

This is done by systematically injecting SW-RP6 soil stabilization material deep into the ground which solidifies the existing soil into a single, solid lightweight mass that is resistant to erosion. This newly formed subgrade curtain wall extending across the length of the shoreline prevents further soil migration and washout.

Seawall Repair Network Contractors are Available Now

A Seawall Repair Network member contractor is available now to discuss your shoreline protection project. Our network of technical and application have access to specialized materials, equipment, and installation methods necessary to protect your property correctly.

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