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Seven Reasons to Work with a Seawall Repair Network Contractor

Body - Reasons to Work with Seawall Repair NetworkYour seawall, bulkhead, or revetment is essential for protecting your waterfront property. Because water is relentless, it’s critical for property owners to recognize the four warning signs of seawall failure and to contact a qualified marine contractor when/if any of these symptoms appear. But how do you know if a contractor is qualified? Untrained general contractors can do more harm than good by using ineffective repair materials and procedures on seawall jobs. Think about it: if you had a heart condition, would you want to consult a general practitioner or a cardiovascular specialist?

Why should you consult a Seawall Repair Network® contractor? Here are seven good reasons…

1. Professional Assessments

SRN Contractors have completed a Manufacturer Geotechnical Certification Requirement. They are thoroughly trained and capable of assessing the problem, identifying ‘Modes of Failure,’ and selecting the correct materials and processes for a Professional Remediation Plan.

2. Access to Advanced Solutions

SRN contractors have exclusive access to the program’s high-quality repair materials and proprietary seawall stabilization and seawall preservation application procedures. These solutions are not available outside of Seawall Repair Network®. This is a good thing for you, the property owner, as it ensures professional-grade quality control for your project.

3. Fast and Efficient

Seawall repair with these proprietary methods and materials is the equivalent of a surgical strike in military terms. It’s important to understand the difference between seawall repair and seawall replacement. One procedure requires minimal disruption and light equipment, while the other requires site excavation with heavy equipment. One procedure is fast and efficient, and the other is not.

4. Cost-Effective

Seawall repair typically costs 70% to 80% less than the price of replacement.

5. Government and Regulatory Requirements

Depending on the jurisdiction and/or the actual project scope of work, there may be permitting requirements for your project. You should not attempt to navigate the government and regulatory maze on your own unless you have extensive experience in this complicated realm. Your Seawall Repair Network® contractor will take care of this process if it’s required.

6. All-Inclusive Program

Seawall Repair Network® contractors are thoroughly equipped to handle your entire waterfront repair project. Labor, equipment, and materials are all included. There are no gaps in this program from start to finish.

7. You Can Relax

Working with a Seawall Repair Network® contractor also means that you will not have to fret about the quality of the work being performed on your behalf. Our contractors are thoroughly trained and supported by the network. Sit back and relax while we repair your seawall.

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