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Strong and Durable Seawall Repair Material

Body - Strong and Durable Seawall Repair MaterialSeawall Repair Network member contractors using SW-RP1 repair material provide superior results and permanent solutions for waterfront property owners. Simply put, SW-RP1 is the strongest and most durable product currently in use for seawall and bulkhead stabilization.

The Installation Process

Proper installation of SW-RP1 is essential for sealing cracks, filling voids and repairing defects behind a seawall, and – perhaps most importantly – stabilizing the supporting soil. Once installed, SW-RP1 transforms the soil into a water-tight impermeable mass. This, along with the installation of dewatering channels with panel filters, relieves lateral stress caused by the typical build-up of hydrostatic pressure behind the seawall.

Environmental Safety

SW-RP1 is environmentally safe and is certified to NSF (61-5) standards for contact with drinking water.

Strength and Durability

One detail that cannot be emphasized enough is the strength of the material. Once SW-RP1 cures, it is stronger than crystalline bedrock. Originally seen in the blog post, SW-RP1 – Rock Solid Seawall Repair Material, this video demonstrates the strength of the materials once cured…


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