Seawall Repair & the Consequences of Neglect (Seawall Failure)

Body-Seawall Neglect Signs of Seawall FailureThe Costs of Ignoring Seawall Damage

Ignoring the signs and symptoms of seawall damage will eventually result in the failure of a seawall. Seawall failure is always an expensive event that often affects nearby structures like boat lifts, boardwalks, and pool decks. And the sooner the waterfront property owner acts, the lower the eventual repair costs. But what happens when the signs of seawall failure are ignored?

Signs of Seawall Failure

  • Loss of adjacent soil.
  • Cracks in the seawall cap.
  • Rust stains on the surface.
  • Tilting or movement of the seawall.
  • Seawall panel separation.

When these signs of seawall failure are ignored, the result is always the same: deterioration and/or complete seawall failure. Fortunately, a Seawall Repair Network contractor near you is offering advanced seawall repair solutions.

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