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Seawall Repair in Greensboro, GA

Body - Seawall Repair Greensboro GeorgiaA homeowner on Lake Oconee (located in Greensboro, Georgia) contacted the Seawall Repair Network looking for a solution to the soil loss issue occurring behind their seawall. A crew from member contractor Ground Consolidation Services promptly arrived to perform a free assessment. The problem was quickly diagnosed and a repair plan was devised on the spot. Even though seawalls on lakes aren’t subject to the tidal action that coastal structures are, wakes from boat and jet ski activity cause the same erosion and soil loss issues. This particular seawall was in great shape and the backyard leading down to it was pristine, however, soil loss on the land side of the seawall was putting that situation in jeopardy. When the homeowner learned that the soil issue could be remedied with no excavation, his next question was, “when can you start?”

Repair Materials

The Ground Consolidation Services crew used SW-RP1 seawall stabilization and leak seal material on this job. This durable, environmentally friendly material is ideal for restoring waterfront structures.


The crew began by backfilling the void areas with coarse river sand. They then injected SW-RP1 from the toe of the seawall up to the surface. They sealed off all the areas where the soil was being lost under the seawall and permeated the sand on the land side, creating a solid soil mass. As a precaution, they placed a turbidity barrier in the water to catch excess cured repair material, which is NSF approved for contact with potable water.


This process took less than one full day to complete and the homeowner couldn’t have been more pleased!

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