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Seawall Repair Case Studies

Body - Seawall Repair Case StudiesMother nature’s oceans, lakes, and rivers can be so beautiful and calm but over time her natural forces will cause damage and eventual failure to seawalls and bulkheads. These complicated structures are made up of a variety of essential components. If one component fails, the entire structure is at risk. In traditionally constructed seawalls, weep holes with a geotextile fabric filter allow water to flow from the landward side back into the ocean to prevent pressure buildup.

So what causes a seawall to fail? Over time, as the filter fabric fails, soil migration creates voids behind the wall, which causes structural instability. As the voids behind the wall fill up with water, hydrostatic pressure behind the seawall causes the wall panels to shift over time. The shifting panels damage the seawall cap, which holds the entire structure together. When this happens, failure of the seawall is imminent. If ignored, these problems only get worse. Water is relentless but we can be too.

Professionally trained contractors armed with Seawall Repair Network’s proprietary repair process have repaired all kinds of seawalls in a wide variety of locations. Here are a few case studies…

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