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As an engineer, you understand the importance of maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of seawalls and bulkheads. Additionally, it’s important to consistently broaden one’s knowledge when it comes to the spectrum of available repair methods. Seawall Repair Network® is here to help you do just that. Our team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive repair and preservation services for seawalls. Whether your clients’ seawalls are in need of stabilization or preservation, we have the expertise and resources to meet their needs. Seawall stabilization involves stabilizing surrounding soil, repairing cracks, and installing systems to control hydrostatic pressure. These systems can help prevent movement and cracking of the concrete, ensuring the structural integrity of the seawall.

We are committed to using environmentally friendly seawall repair materials and methods. This includes the use of products such as SW-RP1, a repair material that is stronger than crystalline bedrock, as well as using the installation of systems that prevent soil migration and void formation on the landward side of the wall. As an engineer, you can trust Seawall Repair Network® for the expertise and resources you need to provide reliable, long-lasting solutions for your clients’ seawalls.

Seawall Repair Continuing Education – Accredited Presentations

Seawall Repair Network® offers one-hour CE/PDH accredited presentations on a variety of seawall and concrete repair applications. Click here for more information on scheduling an accredited presentation.

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